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Past Appearances
May 16 - 19, 2019:
Greensboro Bound
I’m thrilled to return to Greensboro, North Carolina, as a featured writer at Greensboro Bound. More info to come. In the meantime, learn more about Greensboro Bound here.

February 6, 2019: OLE! Course: Meet the Authors
Opportunities for Lifelong Education (OLÉ!) is a nonprofit corporation created to give Anchorage adults a place to continue learning together. OLÉ! is affiliated with the University of Alaska Anchorage. Courses are open to any adult but are specifically designed for people over the age of 50. Members pay $150 per rolling year, and that allows members to attend as many courses as can be fit into their schedules. Classes are held at several venues around the city, including the UAA campus and the Alaska Heritage Museum. I will be speaking at the February 6 class about writing and The Wild Inside.

January 3, 2019: Alaska Professional Communicators
Guest speaker, "Cornered, Stuck, and Stymied: How Limitations Make Us More Creative"
When you’re trying to be creative, who wants to play by the rules? In this talk, I argue that limitations actually make us more creative. I’ll use examples from literature, pop culture, and my own writing to demonstrate how narrowing down the possibilities can inspire creative thinking and force you to come up with unexpected solutions.

October 8, 2018: “Bad Girls of the North: Creating Alaskan Anti-heroes”
A chat with Sharon Emmerichs
What’s so great about good girls? Sharon and I chat about unlikable heroines, how bad can be good, and how I created the anti-heroine of The Wild Inside.

September 22, 2018: Alaska Writer’s Guild Conference
Alaska Genre Fiction”
Strategies for setting your genre fiction in the last frontier.

March 8 - 10, 2018: Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference
Panelist, Crafting the Weird: Techniques of Fabulist Female Fiction
Saturday, March 10, 2018, 3 p.m.
(Clare Beams, Brenda Peynado, Celia Johnson, Jamey Bradbury)
Surreal, magical, or fabulist fiction has traditionally been employed to attack political systems through subversive means. Yet women writers have adapted this genre for their own modes of critique. In this event, panelists will discuss how they use elements of the weird to address subjects such as the domestic, the female body, otherness, and LGBTQ identity. Presenters will provide examples, methods, and techniques for crafting subversive fiction that offers new methods of witnessing reality.


The Curiosity Hour Podcast
I recorded an episode of The Curiosity Hour Podcast, available soon. The podcast, hosted by Dan Sterenchuk and Tommy Estlund, encourages everyone to tell their own stories and to seek out the stories around them. Like the hosts say:  Stay curious! Download in iTunes or listen with Soundcloud.

The Author Stories Podcast with Hank Garner
I had a great conversation with Hank Garner about craft, where ideas come from, voice, and creativity. Catch my episode of Author Stories later this month.

Writer's Bone
Caitlin Malcuit from Writer's Bone asked such thoughtful questions during our talk about the creation of The Wild Inside, books that inspired my book, and advice for new writers. Catch me on the Writer's Bone, coming soon!